Refund policy


1. We do not offer refunds for downloaded files except the next cases:

a)  If you have downloaded an image that has technical flaws. Please contact us for a refund of all credits or payments used for downloading the image. Note that refund is possible only if you are able to provide a well grounded reason for your request and will be made at the sole discretion of Getmilitaryphotos.

b) If you are failed to download an image. You can get money back, provided that Getmilitaryphotos determines that you have been unable to download the image successfully, or provide you with the image

c) If several credits are sharged from your account, or issued refund is for a recurring billing, due to multiple unsuccessful attempts of retrieving the file. Please contact us for a full refund of the extra credits, except the needed fees. Downloads are not refunded if more than 10 days from the download date have passed

You may ask for a refund of your purchase within 10 days from the purchase date.

2. Refunds for credit pack purchases can be made within 10 days of your invoice date, provided you have not used any credits from the credit pack.

3. Refunds for image subscriptions can be made within 10 days of your invoice date, provided you have not downloaded more than 5 images and have not made use of any downloaded images.

4. To request a refund please contact support@getmilitaryphotos.com. Our hours of business are 9:00 AM - 19.00 PM (UTC+3.00). We will look into each case individually and refunds will be made, in the original purchase currency.

EFFECTIVE DATE June 12, 2015