Buyer FAQ

What does Royalty-free mean?

Royalty-free (RF) is a media license. If purchasing RF images, you don’t have to pay any additional fees (royalties) for repeated use of the content after paying the initial licensing fee

What can I use GetMilitaryphotos content for?

Once purchasing a license for the image(s), you can use them for apps, websites, business cards, t-shirts, games, stationery, marketing and advertising, tv shows, business packaging, labels, non-copyrighted/trademarked logo, promotional design, publishing, blogs, presentations and many other listed purposes including designs that will be available for commercial resale depending on the license option you choose. A Standard license and Expanded license are available to cover a range of applications. Please take a look on the License Agreement to find out what each license type allows

Prohibited uses of content

No matter what license you buy, you can never use  content for some uses, For the complete list of prohibitions read the Membership Agreement

Can I buy an image exclusively so no-one else can use it?

Yes, you can. We offer our images for exclusive ownership. Please read the Buy-out license terms and find out the Buy-out price of everu photo you need

Can I make changes to the images?

Yes, you may edit the images to suit your design needs. You are welcome to alter the image by changing colors, adding text, or adding or removing props. You cannot create additional poses using the character (such as repositioning the body), nor can you make animations of the image/character. This would be a copyright infringement. Please note that you cannot claim copyright on altered images since the original image was created by our artist and is under copyright.

How long can I use the content?

As many times, and as long as you want. There is no usage limit for Royalty-Free content

Do I need to register before purchasing?

Yes, you have to register before you can checkout. You are also log in using most popular social networks

Do you have other plan? Like Subscriptions?

Not right now, but we will add subscription plan in the future.

Do I need to buy credits before purchasing files?

No. You can buy files directly using credit cards or other payment gateways. Right now we receive payments via PayPal and  2Checkout.

How do I get a refund?

Please take a look on our Refund Policy to find out the cases we offer refunds for downloaded files